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Back Splashes

Kitchen Backsplashes have become a must with the advent of modular kitchens. Protecting the wall behind the cooktop, is as equally important as designing any other part of the kitchen. But what about the occasional splashes and spills, oil, and food clinging on to the wall behind? Kitchen Backsplashes not only protects, but also increases the glamour of the kitchen. All you need to consider, are the pros and cons of each, and then add in your tinkering, for achieving the best plan for your kitchenette.

Stainless Steel kitchen backsplash ideas:

This is probably the best material for a backsplash. It serves all the purposes of installing a backsplash. It is very easy to clean, practically never wears out or corrodes, and goes seamlessly with most of your kitchen accessories. Not only is steel resistant from heat, but it does leaves no scope for dirt and grime penetrating into the backsplash. Stainless steel is flexible, fits in very comfortably into the smallest of the biggest area, and reflects sufficient light to make the area look bigger.The thing is, as long as you so not have any hitch that this might make your kitchen look like that of a restaurant’s, this is the best choice possible.

Kitchen backsplashes with Glass:

Glass Backsplashes comes in two varieties: Solid Glass Blocks, and Glass Tiles. Glass Blocks are set in coordination to the outside wall. As such, they fit in beautifully and let the natural light and color into your kitchen.Glass Tiles on the other hand, are glued to the wall, or fixed with the help of a frame. You can even fix LED lights to let the glass glow. In any of the cases, the advantages you get are beautifully shimmering glasswork that add a magical touch to your kitchen. They take away the drab from working in the heat and smoke. Glass is again a bad conductor of heat, looks very classy, and is definitely does not allow the growth of mold and moss.

Ceramic kitchen backsplashes:

Ceramic Tiles are definitely the most flexible and inexpensive option available. You can easily give your kitchen the much needed makeover with just a few colorful ceramic tiles. Patterned or plain, the ceramic tiles are available in all colors and sizes. You need to make up your mind, whether you want a textured backsplash that would be the focal point of your kitchen, or a checkered one, or just a single color in multiple shades that would paint an artistic design across your wall.

As beautiful as it might be, ceramic tiles need to be sealed very tightly to avoid any seepage of oil or water. If not skillfully placed, they could chip and wear easily. But even then, replacing a chipped tile is not even close to the expense in replacing a stone backsplash.

Marble backsplash design ideas:

Marbles are an all-time hit with those believing in panache and class. They are gorgeous wherever they are placed, even as a backsplash. Marbles instantly bring a sense of serenity and calmness with a bright white embrace. Though they are not very heat resistant, and stain very easily especially with curries, and turmeric, using marble in the Indian kitchens is a little risky. Nonetheless, for a backsplash it is not a bad option, as it reflects light, and with a little love and care, glows brighter.

Mosaic Backsplash kitchen designs:

From patterned to getting a mosaic backsplash of your favorite color, is all so easy in the world of interior designing. You can get them handmade, or use mosaic backsplash kitchen tiles, whatever suits your pocket most. Mosaic makes the backsplash look vibrant.

Mosaic require easy maintenance, nothing too much. They are stain resistant, and an easy wipe generally does the trick.

Blue and pastel shades, glass mosaic or even ceramics, bring in the x factor in your otherwise simple kitchen.









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